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What we offer adminli February 6, 2020
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  • Food- export from Italy to Germany, Czech Republic and Russia
  • Negotiation and realisation of a gasoil contract from Aserbaijan to Iran
  • Selling italian properties
  • Holiday villa in Italy rentals
  • Import of food-stuff, metals, voacanga, green coffee and other from Africa
  • Wood import from and to Italy
  • Green coffee cultivation and export from Africa
  • Service for buying italian concerns and commercial properties
  • Pellets to Italy
  • Product Search/Sales Market Search in Italy for Companies from Scandinavia and  Eastern Europe

We can help with bureaucratic hurdles

  • Want to find new customers? Do you want to support your exports? Are you looking for new business partners abroad? Offer your products and services to reach partners abroad. Within our projects we can help you export to many countries around the world….
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  • Are you looking for cooperation opportunities?
  • Do you need to use your spare capacity or do you need help and offer cooperation?
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Food from Italy

Vegetable, coffee, oil, pasta

wood (Kopie)
Wood to Italy

Premium wood and pellets