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We can help with bureaucratic hurdles.
About us adminli February 6, 2020
Incomm is a consulting and business agency established in 1994.

Started only advice given, our team finds solutions to transnational issues and products. Whether it is export of Italian coffee and its implementation in retail chains, or realization of a contract for supply of gasoil from Azerbaijan to small companies in Iran. 

About Incomm agency

We master the necessary languages for this job (German, Italian, Czech, Russian, English), but also the habits and customs of the countries.

In 1994 we placed the first Italian products in Germany
Do you want to find new customers around the world?
Within our projects we can help you export to many countries around the world....

"You must have time and patience and to know to drink. If not – you have lost before you start – a vodka toast before lunch to your health , if you say no, than to the health of the family ( do not try to say no again)oh, oh…..no chance anymore, drink and if you can –ex. Small talk first, knowing each other, joking – then the business will follow. "


„Do not try to resolve something in Italy by phone or Email. No, you must see the person face to face, feel if the chemistry is ok. You will find many cliché - yes, the family is saint, yes many times they do cry and scream –but once got them as a friend –you have a friend for hole life. And yes, it is one of the most bureaucratic country I know.“.


… is it necessary to repeat? In Bavaria is a person from north Germany still a foreigner. The mentality is so different like the beer and region. You can close a business on telephone. Strange, that Germans have problems to think positive –not only about themselves. Oh yes, of course – Germans loves punctuality. And their cars!


A good alternative to other European countries –a little bit Balkan including. Like Bulgaria.

West Africa

There are so many commodities, coffee, cocoa and other. But if you show interest –the prices are growing. Sometimes better to buy it at home. A African man is like a young lady – he need to feel attractive and courted. You may not fly to Africa without presents.


Czech Republic

You can feel Švejk deeply here, I see it as very positive sign. Only with Czechs is it possible to get after a long and heavy day a fresh evening full of jokes! Never stop to smile. Prague is today probably THE cultural capital in Europe. Also in other sectors great development.



We can only speak of Yunnan and Kunming. Difficult negotiations full of surprises that you don't necessarily want to experience.